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Get your event seen by over
more patrons.

We will list your event(s) on our website and all our advertising medium and provide 10% discount to our car rental services to all your event attendees and customers.

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From stage-shows and concerts to parties and community events, let us help bring your events to the world!

Unlimited Listings

Get more type of events listed quicker than before. Post as many events as you want.

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Events Promotion

Reach over 100,000 more patrons. We promote your events through various medium such as our website, social media pages, and mailing lists. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes it easy for patrons to locate your events when using search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

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Smooth process for posting an event

We make the process of registering and posting an event as seamless as possible. Best part is, Its FREE. No credit card needed. No long term commitment.

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Improved Listing

Your events are automatically listed in our calendar of events and will be displayed to all our users. Your event is also boosted to be displayed at specific times and on specific pages so our visitors never miss a beat.

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Event Management

Edit and maintain your events from our easy to use dashboard. If your event slated to keep daily, monthly or yearly, you can always create one listing and set it to repeat as such. Plus many more features to help make your event management less of a nightmare.

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Frequently asked questions about posting events

Do I have to register to post an event?

Yes. Only Registered members are allowed to post events. Registration permits members to manage their events postings. See registration page here.

Do I have to pay to post and event?

NO. At this point, you only need to be a registered member to post events for FREE. See registration link here.

What do I need to to do after I post an event?

After you post an event, there is not much for you to do except maintain your event(s) by making updates to your event(s) as needed until the date of the event(s) passes. We will post your event(s) to our followers and subscribers and help persons searching for your event(s) or similar events to be able to find information about your event(s).

What type of events can i post/promote?

You can post any type of event. We provide a wide range of categories for you to choose from but you may also post events even if your event category is not on our list.